Rebecca Rogers
Rebecca RogersMD, Editor-in-Chief

The Editors of the International Urogynecology Journal (IUJ) are pleased to begin the new year by announcing two new members of our Editorial Team: Symphorosa Chan (China) and Tamara Serdinsek (Slovenia). Dr. Chan will be serving as an Editor and Dr. Serdinsek will be our newest Fellows Editor. Both Dr. Chan and Dr. Serdinsek have been active reviewers for the IUJ and we are confident that their expertise will be highly valuable to the journal. Additionally, we have added several new members to our Editorial Board including Bertrand Gachon (France), Adi Y. Weintraub (Israel), Michel Wyndaele (Netherlands), Cristine Homsi Jorge Ferreira (Brazil), and José Carlos Truzzi (Brazil).

The Editors of the IUJ are proud to work with a team of Editors and Editorial Board members who reflect the international mission of the journal. Our team of Editors and Editorial Board members now represents 26 countries. In 2020 we received submissions from 65 different countries. We encourage submissions that contribute to international perspectives on urogynecology and want to remind authors that submissions are reviewed on scientific merit. Translation services are available for a fee through our publisher for those who are not native English speakers: We look forward to your submissions!