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IUGA is proud to offer the following membership benefits to its members:

  • A subscription to the International Urogynecology Journal (a value of $175 if purchased individually), 12 issues a year and/or online access to the IUJ;
  • Substantial registration discounts for the IUGA Annual Meeting and Regional Symposia;
  • Free and unrestricted access to the IUGA Academy, our online learning portal complete with free CME courses, e-lectures, material from annual meetings, webcasts, videos and more;
  • A free account and unlimited usage of the IUGA Surgical Database in order to help you audit the outcomes of your surgeries;
  • Opportunity to complete PROTECT (Prevention and Repair Of perineal Trauma Episiotomy through Coordinated Training) – A 4-step IUGA training program for members interested in increasing their knowledge and expertise in OASIS and becoming a PROTECT-trained OASIS trainer;
  • Inclusion in “Find a Urogynecology Provider” directory (to be relaunched Q1 2019);
  • Discounts on informative patient education materials for your office through the IUGA Online Store as well as reduced rates on many other items offered;
  • Regular communication and updates from IUGA regarding programs and new opportunities to learn and share knowledge;
  • Opportunities to influence practice in the urogynecology field;
  • Volunteer opportunities on IUGA committees, special interest groups and other special projects;
  • Connection with IUGA’s global network of over 3,000 local and international industry peers and leaders;
  • 25% off all books published by Springer.

Click here for the online IUGA Membership Application Form

If you prefer a downloadable IUGA membership application form in PDF, please find it here.

What members are saying about IUGA

It has been an excellent opportunity to be part of IUGA… Dr. Wisdom Klutse Azanu, Ghana - See more...
The people are what make IUGA so special… Dr. Sylvia Botros, USA - See more...
IUGA provides a remarkable forum where ideas from many cultures and… John O.L. DeLancey, USA - See more...
IUGA is dedicated to disseminating urogynecological knowledge worldwide… O. Sorinola, UK - See more...
Seventeen years of IUGA membership has been an extraordinary… Christopher Maher, Australia - See more...
I love the people who belong to IUGA… Bob Shull, USA - See more...

I love the people who belong to IUGA as well as the people who manage the organization. There is always a sense of “let’s do the best we can to make the organization and the programs meet the needs of physicians , scientists, therapists, and nurses who are committed to providing the best care to women of all walks of life in all corners of the earth.”

Because IUGA has active members from many countries I have been able to  nurture  my  personal knowledge of the world, not only medically but also socially and culturally.  The contributions of smart, talented people who are the essence of IUGA, the IUJ, scientific programs, workshops and the information shared on the web site all have made me a better physician and surgeon than I would otherwise be.

My only regret is that I did not become an active member earlier than I did. You can avoid that regret by joining now. Please come to the AUGS/IUGA Joint Scientific Meeting in Washington, D.C. and find your own place in a wonderfully diverse organization. There is something unique you will add.

Prof. Bob Shull, USA

IUGA membership originally offered an opportunity to present our research and to be immersed in all things Urogynaecological. However, over the years it has come to mean so much more with colleagues becoming friends and formal and informal networks being the centre piece of much of our current research. Seventeen years of IUGA membership has been an extraordinary fulfilling experience…... Do yourself a favour and get involved!!

Assoc. Prof. Christopher Maher, Australia

I have been an IUGA member since 2002 and have been involved in various aspects of IUGA work including the Public Relations committee, production of patient information leaflets, the Research and Development committee and IUGA research grants. What particularly strikes me about IUGA is the dedication to disseminating urogynecological knowledge worldwide and improving standards of care for women. That dedication to global advancement of knowledge through research, education and collaborative projects is the reason for my continuing support of IUGA.

Dr. O. Sorinola, United Kingdom

IUGA provides a remarkable forum where ideas from many cultures and countries can be examined and discussed. Many of the most important discussions in Urogynecology take place at its meeting and I’ve valued this opportunity to discuss concepts and approaches with colleagues around the globe.

Prof. John O.L. DeLancey, USA

I joined IUGA as a fellow and feel as though I have "grown up" in IUGA. I was able to become involved early in my career in this very warm, welcoming and giving society and I feel very fortunate to have this experience. The people are what make IUGA so special - they are smart, talented, open, welcoming and collaborative in nature. I watch as IUGA continues to grow, but continues to maintain its lovely personality. I have enjoyed every aspect of my involvement in IUGA and hope to continue to grow with this wonderful society.

Dr. Sylvia Botros, USA

It has been an excellent opportunity to be part of IUGA. Coming from a country where formal sub-specialty training has just begun, IUGA has provided on site faculties to help with the training. Attending the IUGA annual conference this year offered me the opportunity of meeting many Urogynecologist and the presentations and the abstracts gave exposure on what FPMRS is all about. The wet clay lab and the cadaver session was superb as I had the opportunity to practice some surgical procedures for the first time. As a fellow, I would gladly recommend the cadaver session especially and the annual general meeting. It's a great learning opportunity.

Dr. Wisdom Klutse Azanu, Ghana