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To help develop a minimum set of core topics specific to urogynecology as well as target a larger goal of facilitating program development in less developed regions through sharing of best practices and development of this community. This information will be important to achieving the long-term goal of establishing urogynecology as a subspecialty around the world.


Sylvia Botros-Brey

Sylvia Botros-Brey (USA)


  • Anupreet Dua (UK)
  • Danielle Antosh (USA)
  • Emmanuel Karantanis (Australia)
  • Fiona Lindo (USA)
  • Gil Levy (Israel)
  • Luiz Gustavo Brito (Brazil)
  • Svjetlana Lozo (USA)
  • Tsia-Shu Lo (Taiwan)
  • Yongxian Lu (China)