Basic Science

SIG Leadership

Chair: Harry Horsley
Co-Chair: Maria Bortolini

The IUGA Basic Science SIG's overarching objective is to support and advance the IUGA mission related to the basic science/translational research. Specifically, BS SIG aims to: (1) help elucidate the physiology and mechanics of the female pelvic floor; (2) further our understanding of the pathogenesis of PFDs; (3) facilitate the development of new technologies for the assessment of the female pelvic floor functionally relevant properties; and (4) assist with the identification of novel therapeutic targets for PFDs.

The IUGA Basic Science SIG will create space where members with a shared interest in mechanistic and translational research can interact. In turn, the above will foster cross-disciplinary research projects by creating an avenue for exchange of ideas and developing innovative resource sharing opportunities. The IUGA Basic Science SIG also aims to attract new members from diverse disciplines, such as biomechanics, tissue engineering, immunology, microbiology, cellular and molecular biology, radiology, neurophysiology. Lastly, the IUGA Basic Science SIG will help develop educational webinars and postgraduate courses relevant to mechanistic research.

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