SIG Leadership

Chair: Clara Shek (Australia)

Aims and Objectives

  • To create a space where members with an interest in imaging can interact
  • To exchange tips and tricks, technical information and new ideas
  • To discuss clinical indications and research applications of imaging techniques
  • To provide enhanced opportunities for research collaboration
  • To advise IUGA on educational matters involving imaging, including website and meeting content
  • To assist IUGA in efforts to standardize performance and evaluation of imaging examinations
  • To advance imaging in urogynecological practice.


This document has been produced by the Pelvic Floor Imaging SIG to provide instruction for the acquisition of ultrasound images and 3D/4D data sets obtained by translabial imaging, which is currently the most widely used method for pelvic floor imaging. It is recognized that some practitioners use transvaginal and endo-anal techniques, to which this text does not apply.


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