Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Surgery

SIG Leadership

Chair: Harpreet Arora (Australia)
Co-Chair: Rajeev Ramanah (France)


Usage of minimally invasive endoscopic surgery in the field of urogynecology/female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery is increasing as the use of surgical robots in pelvic surgery provides various benefits. Minimally invasive endoscopic surgery has already been successfully used for the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse, in procedures such as sacrocolpopexy, sacrohysteropexy, and uterosacral ligament plication. There has also been an increasing interest in using this method for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence in women.

While this surgery is associated with increased cost, the outcomes in urogynecology/female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery are promising. The IUGA Minimal Invasive Endoscopic Surgery SIG offers IUGA members/surgeons with an interest in robotic surgery and laprascopics to obtain knowledge and share experiences and resources among experts, further supporting the advancement of our field in this area.


Goals of a SIG on robotic surgery by networking and collaboration will be:

  • Add knowledge via IUGA worldwide on robot pelvic floor surgery and laprascopics.
  • To improve the quality of life for those urogynecolgical patients who are treated with the use of robot surgery and reduce complications.
  • Promote knowledge and narrow knowledge gaps for the use of a robot assisted laparoscopic surgery.
  • To exchange tips and tricks, technical information and new ideas.
  • Discuss clinical indications.
  • Develop educational tools.
  • Advise IUGA on international training curriculum.
  • Advise IUGA on and promote patient information.
  • Share our knowledge with patient organizations.
  • Develop an IUGA E-Discussion Forum on robotics.
  • Shared SIG publications in scientific journals.
  • Share knowledge via popular media.

The group aims to have a scientific session during every annual IUGA meeting and will have additional Zoom/Teams meetings and e-mail communication.

Follow the Minimal Invasive Endoscopic Surgery SIG on the IUGA E- Discussion Forum. Click here or sign up through your IUGA Member Page by clicking the Special Interest Groups box.