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International Fellowship Grants

The IUGA International Fellowship Grant Program is currently not accepting applications.

IUGA-sponsored fellowships allow for increased dissemination of urogynecological knowledge by funding travel and living expenses for a trainee to visit a renowned urogynecology center for a one-year clinical fellowship. The fellow is also expected to formulate a research study according to the research interests and local situation of the host site, which would be submitted for presentation at the next scheduled IUGA Annual Meeting, and the manuscript submitted for publication in the International Urogynecology Journal.


The applicant must:

  • Be and IUGA member in good standing.
  • Be in advanced training or have completed post-graduate training in gynecology, urology, or surgery.

IUGA Urogynecology Training Guidelines

The IUGA Educational Committee has published guidelines for training of medical students, residents and subspecialty training in urogynecology.

IUGA Urogynecology Training Guidelines

Past IUGA International Fellowship Grant Recipients


  • Debjyoti Karmakar (India) hosted by Mohamel Abdel-Fattah (Scotland) - View Report


  • Andrea Santiago (Philippines) hosted by S. Abbas Shobeiri (United States) - View Report


  • Aparna Hegde (India) hosted by G. Willy Davila (United States)


  • Kiran Ashok (India) hosted by Eckhard Petri (Germany) - View Report


  • Boris Gabriel (Germany) hosted by Michel Cosson (France) - View Report
  • Beatriz Arias (Colombia) hosted by G. Willy Davila (United States) - View Report


  • Nuzhat Faruqui (Pakistan) hosted by Gamal Ghoniem
  • Zeelha Abdool (South Africa) hosted by Ranee Thakar (United Kingdom) - View Report