ulf ulmsten

Ulf Ulmsten was a great innovator in the practice of urogynecological surgery. The purpose of this lecture is to disseminate scientific knowledge, but more importantly to encourage innovative thought processes among our dynamic younger IUGA members.

2023: The Hague- "Measuring Prolapse" Matthew Barber (USA)

2022: Austin- "Acute Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries (OASIs)…… A Tale of Two Sphincters" Abdul Sultan (UK)

2021: Virtual- "Childbirth and the pelvic floor: Where are we going" Bob Freeman (UK)

2020: Virtual- "Let the Light Come Streaming In – Leading with Compassion"   Suzie Bailey (UK)

2019: Nashville - "Curing Pelvic Floor Disorders in 2040: Measuring Sex and Other Aspects of Pelvic Floor Function"  Rebecca Rogers (USA)

2018: Vienna - "The Ideal Birth (in the developed world) in 2018 is UR-CHOICE!" Don Wilson (Australia)

2017: Vancouver - "Physiotherapy for Pelvic Pain and Sexual Dysfunction, an Untapped Resource?" Bary Berghmans (The Netherlands)

2016: Cape Town – "From Bench to Bedside in Pelvic Floor Surgery" Jan Deprest (Belgium)

2015: Nice - "Can We Predict and Prevent Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?" Ian Milsom (Sweden)

2014: Washington – "Creating a Gold Standard Surgical Device: Scientific Discoveries Leading to TVT and Beyond"  Peter Petros (Australia) and Carl Gustav Nilsson (Finland)

2013: Dublin - "Exposing the Science of Prolapse Meshes: A Foundation for Future Products" Pamela Moalli (USA)

2012: Brisbane – "Teaching and Learning in Urogynecology" Anthony Smith (UK)

2011: Lisbon – "The Pelvic Floor: Fallacies, Fascias and Facts" John DeLancey (USA)

2010: Toronto - "Sphincter Regeneration with Muscle Stem Cells: Cell Therapy Discovery Science of Clinical Trials" Michael Chancellor (USA)

2009: Como - "Urinary Tract Injury During Gynaecological Surgery" Peter Dwyer (Australia)

2008: Taipei - "Ways of Urogynecology in the Developing World" N. Rajamahaswari (India)

2007: Cancun – "The Pelvic Floor - Architectural Triumph or Disaster" Stuart Stanton (UK)

2006: Athens - "The Rise and Fall of Durgical Procedures" Karl Tamussino (Austria)

2005: Copenhagen - "Disorders of the Pelvic Floor: How did you get here? Where should we go?" Bob Shull (USA)