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The Terminology and Standardization Committee reviews and standardizes the terminology the association uses to discuss and present its educational and research activities.

The Terminology and Standardization Committee is responsible for the following initiatives:

  • The development of terminology and standardization reports and papers, often in collaboration with other societies.


Renaud de Tayrac

Renaud de Tayrac (France)


  • Peter Dekuyper (Belgium)
  • Martin Huser (Czech Republic)
  • Vincent Le Touzy (France)
  • Fiona Lindo (USA)
  • Svjetlana Lozo (USA)
  • Joan Melendez-Muñoz (Spain)
  • Alfa Meutia (Indonesia)
  • Barry O’Reilly (Ireland)
  • Lisa Prodigalidad (Philippines)
  • Rebecca Rogers (USA)
  • Charbel Salamon (USA)
  • Vivian Sung (USA)
  • Daniela Ulrich (Austria)
  • Amanda White (USA)
  • Lan (Julie) Zhu (China)