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IUGA Connects and expands your network: Your membership brings you into a worldwide community of 3,000+ like-minded professionals, fostering meaningful connections and discovering shared experiences.

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  • Connect with 3,000+ global field experts and leaders through IUGA’s network.
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IUGA Educates and fosters growth: Your membership is an investment in your continuous growth and professional advancement, where education isn’t just about learning; it’s the pathway to excellence.

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IUGA Informs and keeps you ahead: Your membership ensures you stay on the cutting edge of urogynecological advancements, offering exclusive insights to navigate the evolving field with confidence.

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IUGA Transforms and empowers change: Your membership empowers you to create a legacy, shaping not only your practice but also the future of urogynecology and influencing the lives of your peers and patients.

How do we help you achieve this?

Join the IUGA community – the home of urogynecology – where every connection, every piece of knowledge, every shared idea, and every positive change contributes to our collective journey. What’s in it for you? A thriving community, continuous learning, global recognition, and the power to impact the field of urogynecology and the lives of women around the world suffering from pelvic floor disorders.