IUGA Fundamentals Course

The IUGA Fundamentals Course is designed to provide basic and foundational knowledge in urogynecology in lower resourced areas with minimal subspecialty urogynecology expertise. The program will be determined by local organizing committee, appropriate to their specific needs with an emphasis on understanding principles and adaptation to local conditions.

If you and a group of colleagues are interested in hosting an IUGA Fundamentals Course, please review these IUGA Fundamentals Course Guidelines to gain an understanding of what is expected of the host group and how an IUGA Fundamentals Course is organized and conducted. If, after reviewing these guidelines, you are interested in organizing an IUGA Fundamentals Course, please let us know by filling out the Application Form. If organizing an IUGA Fundamentals Course in your country/region is in line with the strategic directions of IUGA, we will assist you with preparing a proposal to be presented to the Education Committee and IUGA Board for approval. The Fundamentals Course Guidelines are available by clicking here.

We look forward to working together to spread urogynecological education around the world!