During The Hague in June with the Annual Meeting, the following individuals were awarded for their hard work and commitment to improving the field of uro-gynecology.

Lifetime Achievement Awards:

Mark Vierhout (2023)
Willy Davila (2022)

Distinguished Service Award:

Ranee Thakar

With Special Recognition and Gratitude:

Jorge Milhem Haddad
Renaud de Tayrac
Sylvia Botros-Brey
Surandhra Ramphal
Becky Rogers
Steven Swift

IUGA Special Services Pin:

Mickey Karram
Mark Walters
Cheryl Perrero

Oscar Contreras Ortiz Award:

Alka Bhide
Visha Tailor
Ruwan Fernando
Vik Khullar
Giuseppe Alessandro Digesu

Top 10 Reviewers for the IUJ in 2022:

Markus Huebner
R. Keith Huffaker
Sharif Ismail
Pallavi Latthe
Jittima Manonai
Fleming Mattox
Sanjay Sinha
Ian Vasicka
Michel Wyndaele

2023 Observership Grant Recipients:

Apisith Saraluck – Trainee/ Fellow/ Physician-in-Training
Carlos Zapata-Caballero- Trainee/ Fellow/ Physician-in-Training
Joyce Kituki – Least Developed Country Category

2023 Research Grant Recipients:

Christine Burke- Clinical Research Grant
Sarah Rozycki- Basic Science Research Grant

FIUGA Honored Mentor Award:

Harry Vervest
Ash Monga
Bary Berghmans