Rebecca Rogers
Rebecca RogersMD, Editor-in-Chief

Dear Friends and Colleagues at IUGA, 

This is my last IUJ Corner as co-Editor in Chief of the IUJ. Steve Swift and I have been honored to work for our journal and society over the past six years. During our tenure, highlights or new initiatives include article commentaries, Images in Urogynecology, and themed editions of the printed journal. Because of the importance of social media, we sought support of the IUGA Board for a social media editor, who works to improve our presence on social media platforms. Term limits for editors and editorial board members were introduced so that new talent is recruited to the journal. Metrics to evaluate editors and editorial board members were implemented so that those working on the journal have feedback on their performance. We have supported two junior editors who work on the editorial content of the journal. We are now handing over the journal to the new Editor-in-Chiefs, Dr. Maria Bortolini and Dr. Kaven Baessler. I am sure that in their capable hands the journal will continue to flourish.

Farewell and see you in The Netherlands!