Rebecca Rogers
Rebecca RogersMD, Editor-in-Chief

We have some exciting news from the IUJ! This year, our Impact Factor rose to 2.894 from 2.071. The Impact Factor changed in part because Clarivate, who calculates Impact Factors, changed the way they count citations. Previously, citations of online publications were not counted if they were cited when only published online. Citations were only counted once the article was published in an issue. Clarivate now counts citations beginning from the online date of publication. As you know, the turnaround time for articles to appear online for the IUJ is much shorter than the turnaround time for them to appear in print, so we are now getting credit for those early citations. Other journals in our field also had increases in their Impact Factor, indicating that the field is expanding, and citations are increasing for all the journals.

Every year, we recognize the paper that received the most citations contributing to our Impact Factor. Remember, for this year’s award this is an article that was published between 2018 and 2020. This award, the Oscar Contreras Ortiz Award, is named after a co-founder of the IUJ, and former IUGA president from 1996-8. We are pleased to share that this year’s award recipients are Drs. Friedman, Eslick and Dietz for their article, Risk factors for prolapse recurrence: systematic review and meta-analysis, published in 2018 in the IUJ