Cristiane Carboni
Cristiane Carboni

Cristiane Carboni is a doctoral student in Obstetrics and Gynecology/UFRGS-Brazil, and holds a master’s degrees in Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation from the University of Barcelona-Spain and Rehabilitation Science from UFCSPA, Brazil. She is a specialist in both women’s health and human sexuality and serves as the Coordinator of the Post-graduation Pelvic Floor program at Faculdade Inspirar in Brazil, as well as the Director of the School of Physiotherapy of ICS. She has served as an active volunteer for FIUGA, visiting Ghana to teach physiotherapists working with the Urogynecology Departments in Accra and Kumasi, and also serves on the FIUGA Board and the IUGA Publications Committee.

How long have you been an IUGA member?

Carboni: Since 2018

What was your path to volunteering on an IUGA Committee?

Carboni: I wanted to get more involved with IUGA. I got to know more about IUGA by attending an IUGA Regional Symposium here in Brazil. I got to know Dr. Willy Davila and did a short fellowship with him where I got to really know about IUGA and FIUGA and immediately I knew I wanted to be part of IUGA.  And my first IUGA congress was unforgettable!

What motivates you to be a volunteer for IUGA?

Carboni: What motivates me most is the great work that IUGA does around the world and how kind and nice all the professionals with the association are.

What do you wish all members knew about IUGA or that you could say to all members?

Carboni: Keep on helping each other to be excellent professionals and human beings. Keep on being kind to each other and doing this amazing work improving our patients’ lives!  

What is the most exotic place you have traveled?

Carboni: I live in Brazil, so the most exotic place I have ever traveled is home! 

What’s your favorite food?

Carboni: Risotto carbonara