Sylvia Botros-Brey
Sylvia Botros-BreyMD, MSCI

This issue of the IUGA Spotlight provides a great summary of sessions offered at the Virtual IUGA 45th Annual Meeting. As such, it is only fitting that the board member we highlight in this issue is Sylvia Botros-Brey, who also served as the Program Chair for this year’s meeting.

Sylvia is Associate Professor, Departments of Urology and Medical Education, at Lozano Long School of Medicine, UT Health, San Antonio, Texas, USA. She has been a member since 2004 when she joined in her second year of fellowship.

Spotlight: What was your path to a board position within IUGA?
SBB: I started on a newly forming Fellows Committee, and after serving for a few years became the Chair of the Fellows Committee. I also joined the Education Committee and was really interested in the Workshop Subcommittee, which I joined and then subsequently chaired. I participated in an IUGA eXchange Program and a Regional Symposia as part of the Education Committee. I have attended the Annual Meeting every year with the exception of one and have both chaired and presented in workshops as well as presented original research.

Spotlight: What is your role on the IUGA Board?
SBB: I am the Treasurer, and also serve as a board member for FIUGA.

Spotlight: What motivates you to be a volunteer leader for IUGA?
SBB: Truly feeling part of the society. The welcoming and acceptance I received very early on was and still is a motivating factor. By getting involved and seeing that I can do my small part within the context of the society just keeps me going. I think it helps that I was also able to align my interests with the opportunities available.

Spotlight: What do you wish all members knew about IUGA or that you could say to all members?
SBB: Many of us speak of the IUGA family and I think that is what is lovely about the society. It is truly global in nature and is a nimble society so really open to many good ideas. So, if you have an idea that you would like to pursue within the society – reach out!

Spotlight: What’s the most exotic place you have traveled?
SBB: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Spotlight: What’s your favorite food?
SBB: I can’t pick just one – I love food in general! But I definitely lean towards Asian food.

Spotlight: What’s the last book you read?
SBB: Mastering Civility. A manifesto for the workplace by Christine Porath.

Spotlight: What are your hobbies?
SBB: Food, arts and crafts (currently oil painting).