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The International Urogynecology Journal (IUJ), the official journal of the International Urogynecological Association (IUGA), is currently accepting applications for the position of Editor(s)-in-Chief. 

IUGA is pleased to announce the 2022 Annual Meeting Scholarship Program to support attendance to the AUGS/IUGA Scientific Meeting, June 14-18, 2022, in Austin, TX, USA.

IUGA congratulates the members of Chapter 1 of the International Urogynecological Consultation.
Their articles on Defining Pelvic Organ Prolapse are now published in the IUJ.

Aligned with May, the Pelvic Pain Awareness Month watch this month's E-lecture on Reviewing the Differential Diagnosis of Chronic Pain, presented by Elise De, MD

We are now accepting nominations for the following elected positions within IUGA: Vice President, Treasurer, International Advisory Board Representative from Africa, Committee Chairs for the Scientific, Social Media, and Terminology & Standardization Committees, and 2 members-at-large for the Nominating Committee. 

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