Professor Ajay Rane
Professor Ajay RaneOAM, MBBS, MSc, MD, FRCS, FRCOG, FRANZCOG, CU, FICOG(Hon), FACOG(Hon), PhD, Professor and Urogynaecologist at James Cook University

How long have you been an IUGA member?

25 years

What was your path to serving in IUGA? Had you previously served IUGA in other roles?

Being involved in fistula work and gender based genital violence and reconstruction made me volunteer.

What motivates you to be a volunteer for IUGA?

IUGA is inspirational to young urogynaecologists who NEED to GIVE to the world.

What do you wish all members know about IUGA or that you could say to all members?

All members of IUGA need to know about the true status of fistula and gender based genital violence.

Most exotic place you traveled:


Favorite food:


Last book you read:

The Gut


Golf, Saxophone, Tennis, Yoga