Fred Milani
Fred MilaniThe Netherlands

Fred Milani began his term on the IUGA Board as Vice President at the beginning of 2021. He served as a Medical Officer in a District Hospital in Northwest Tanzania for four years before he was registered as a consultant gynecologist-obstetrician in 1993 and started his career in a teaching hospital in Delft, the Netherlands. He retired from clinical practice in July 2020. He’s been an active member of IUGA since 1996. He also chaired the Dutch Pelvic Floor Society, completed a PhD thesis and published numerous articles, and was an invited expert for SCENIHR on their opinion on the safety of surgical meshes in urogynecological surgery.

How long have you been an IUGA member?

Milani: Since 1996.

What was your path to a board position within IUGA?

Milani: I have been a member of the Scientific Committee and got the chance to become chair via election. With passion and pleasure I fulfilled that role and since IUGA feels like a big international family with members who are passionate to improve knowledge and skills in urogynecology, I wanted to continue to contribute to IUGA after my semi-retirement as a clinician. So, I decided to run to be a member of the board of this great international organization.

What is your role on the IUGA Board?

Milani: I am the current IUGA Vice President.

What motivates you to be a volunteer leader for IUGA?

Milani: IUGA is the premier scientific organization in urogynecology worldwide. I have benefitted greatly from its annual meetings and great people who I came to know among the membership during all those years. And after retiring from clinical work, I felt my professional mission hadn’t ended yet and thought it was time to offer my volunteer leadership to the organization I love and admire.

What do you wish all members knew about IUGA or that you could say to all members?

Milani: Just to be part of the club, and if you feel you may contribute in any way to improve IUGA’s mission, then move forward and contact us!

What’s the most exotic place you have traveled?

Milani: The better question is what is the most exotic place that I’ve lived. The answer is Rubya Hospital, near Bukoba in north west Tanzania where I was Medical Officer for four years before I decided to become a (uro) gynecologist. 

What’s your favorite food?

Milani: Not so much favorite food, but just favorite company; then any food will become favorite!

What’s the last book you read?

Milani: Survival of the Friendliest by Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods

What are your hobbies?

Milani: Nature photography, music, good in-depth conversations with friends, and long lonely walks in nature with my favorites – Bart, my husband, and Luc, our new best canine friend (a ‘working’ British Labrador).