1st International Biennial Conference of PUGA

  • Pakistan Urogynaecologists Association (PUGA)
  • March 9 -10, 2018
  • Sahiwal - Pakistan

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The Pakistan Urogynaecologist Association was founded in year 2014 on 15th, April. In Pakistan seven fistula repair centres functional on grants and charity since 2007-08. These regional centres are repairing urogenital fistula. PUGA vision is to create awareness regarding urogynaecologial issues as a sub-speciality of gynaecology and to provide a platform where urogynaecological issues can be addressed.

This 1st international conference was organized by the team of PUGA executive members and office bearers to disseminate recent updated knowledge of urogynaecological issues. The conference preconference workshops were conducted by the local PUGA Members for doctors working in Government and private sector to start these services from primary health care level. This understanding will raise the awareness about urogynae problem to improve quality of life of women generally. We conducted one course at primary level for buddying gynaecologist and house surgeons to perform endoscopic procedures like diagnostic laparoscopy and hysteroscopy for two days. Preconference workshops on Urodynamics made easy, POP-Q made easy, TVT & TOT live demonstration from Operation theatre on patient, Safe Hysterectomy to show ureters course and safety for internal organs for gynaecologist and postgraduate students, live demonstration from operation room, 4th degree perineal tear repair on goat pelvis hands on conducted by expert surgeons. Inaugural ceremony was attended by doctors who travelled to Sahiwal from all over country, they were senior professor, general gynaecologist and trainees. Faculty from Sahiwal Medical College, Commissioner Sahiwal, Vice Chancellors of Nishtar Medical University, Faisalabad Medical University. Renowned senior gynaecologist Prof. Rashid Lateef was Chief Guest who graced the occasion. On 9th and 10th urogynaecological issues covered in talks by National and international speakers. Dr. Stephen Jeffrey talked about anatomy & indication, procedure of both TVT & TOT, related risk and possible complications, Prof. Pushpa being fistula surgeon shared her experience, Prof. Col. Nazli Hameed talked about bladder dysfunction after pelvic floor damage or surgery. Prof. Arshad Chohan explained beautifully different terms used for urinary incontinence types, signs & symptoms. The comparison of Burch with TOT was done by Dr. Novera Chughtai, Prof. Azizunisa talked about Burch colposuspension, Prof. Irum Sohail talked about pelvic floor muscle exercise effectiveness bon stress incontinence. Prof. shamsa Humayyoun discussed the risk factors and need to spread awareness among population and healthcare provider.

Bob Freeman from UK talked about “Can we prevent incontinence and prolapse in women at risk for vaginal delivery”?? A fruit full discussion was generated among audience and some practical points learned and taken up by senior faculty. Next day Dr. Don Wilson talked about  “ Prevention and Prediction of Pelvic floor dysfunction UR-CHOICE. Which was again very interesting and practical so the senior and junior faculty was convinced about risk and benefits related to vaginal delivery. The talk by Dr. Catherine was sent unfortunately time zone mismanagement happened but we managed that time slot with her talk, I presented on her behalf. The conference was highly successful because the quality of audience was worth who travelled and speakers were worth listening. Around three hundred people attended. The social program on 9th  March, GALA night with Musical Program was also very much appreciated.