Message from the Chair of the Education Committee

Dr. Rajamaheshwari Natarajan MD
Dr. Rajamaheshwari Natarajan MDDirector of Urogynecology department at the Medway Hospital Kodampakkam, Chennai and the Director of Urogynecology Research Centre, Chennai.

I have been a member of IUGA since 1995 & working for IUGA in various capacities, since that time. Now, I opted to contribute through the Education committee to bring about significant improvements in women's well-being via a range of educational initiatives within the domain of IUGA, recognizing its potential to influence regions worldwide irrespective of geographical boundaries. The committee, with its dedicated members, plays a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape in the unique field of Urogynecology and female pelvic floor disorders.

Currently, the ongoing projects are :

 “E-lectures” (Basic to advanced) monthly for all members by mode of video

 “Podcasts” (bimonthly) for all members

 “Webinar series on Urinary Incontinence in Asia”

 “Fundamentals Course” (basic level) for countries where Urogynecology is in the beginning stage by mode of videos/events (new project)

 “InSpIRE” (International Specialist and IUGA Recognized Expert in Pelvic Floor Dysfunction) Recognition Program (Medium to Advanced level) for all members (new project). Will be commissioned during IUGA 2024

Thanks to the tireless dedication of former Chair Jenny King, the Education Committee, along with its three subcommittees (workshop, program, and e-learning), has made significant advancements and reached impressive heights. The contributions made by Subcommittee Chairs Erin Deverdis (E-learning), Shilpa Iyer (Program), and Ivilina Pandeva (Workshop) to the Education Committee of IUGA have been notably impactful and merit recognition.

I am excited to hold this responsibility and begin a journey with all of you toward growth and educational progress in Urogynecology. As members of this organization, your ideas hold significance. Let's work together, learn from each other, and grow as we tackle the challenges ahead with creativity and innovation. Let us aim to nurture educational settings that prioritize inclusivity and equity, appreciating diversity and catalyzing positive transformations.