Letter from the Secretary

 Dear Members,

This year, I begin my term as IUGA Secretary, and I promise to work hard to continue the great work done by our previous secretary, Dr. Dudley Robinson. 

Undoubtedly, 2023 has been a challenging year for many of the world’s people. The challenges are unlikely to be resolved anytime soon, and it is very easy to feel a sense of despair and overwhelming impotence. Everyone in these situations suffers greatly, but all too often, the impact on women in terms of health, education, and socio-economic disadvantage is greater. Predictably, pelvic floor medicine, while never seen as a priority, is pushed further down the totem pole.

Admittedly, as individuals and organizations, we can do very little to advance world peace. However, we can all contribute to education, training, and research in urogynaecology. Every young doctor who goes through our units, each trainee we supervise, every teaching program we run, and any allied health position we help fund may promote or maintain urogynaecological services around the globe.

So, we should not feel overcome by the enormous inequalities in women’s pelvic floor care. Rather, we should focus piece by piece on what we can achieve as doctors and organizations.

Looking forward to working with you all.

Jenny King

IUGA Secretary 2024-2025