Kalaivani Ramalingam
Kalaivani RamalingamPublic Relations Committee Chair

The Public Relations Committee comprises a dynamic group of volunteers who meet regularly to work on providing accessible information for patients with pelvic floor problems. Over the years, a repository of leaflets has been produced that are revised cyclically for accuracy and updated information. New leaflets are also produced consistent with the changing needs of the patients every year.

The website is a website for patient specific information that has many patient stories and experiences. There is a link to all the leaflets and a QR code for accessibility to use in clinics too. A webinar on urinary incontinence was conducted online in 2022 by the committee in association with IUGAPAC. A public forum is also held with the help of the local organizing committee during the Annual Meetings in the local language where feasible.

Previously, the Public Relations Committee has been involved with the IUGA specific professional merchandise such as flipcharts, POPQ stix, etc.

In summary, the activities of the PR committee help to provide relevant patient information through their website. It remains receptive to the evolving needs of the patient’s seeking information about pelvic floor dysfunction.