Rebecca Rogers
Rebecca RogersMD, Editor-in-Chief

We are fortunate to have a societal journal. Not only does the journal keep our membership (and the world) apprised of what is new and important in urogynecology, but it also contributes to our society in many meaningful ways.

First, the journal serves as a source of revenue for IUGA. By publishing your work in the IUJ, you contribute to the society’s bottom line. The better our standing among journals, the more money IUGA makes to support important society initiatives. In addition to providing financial support to the society, the journal brings together scientists from around the world. This is true of our editors, editorial board members, reviewers, and readers. Put simply, there is no other journal that publishes as many urogynecology articles as we do that possesses a community of readers and reviewers as geographically diverse as ours. Finally, the journal contributes to the success of our annual meeting by publishing our meeting abstracts.

Of course, though, while the journal supports the society, there is a hard and fast “divide” between the content of the journal and the leadership of the society. This is as it should be—editorial decisions cannot be influenced by society leadership without introducing biases. I hope that this clarifies the relationship between the journal and our society and highlights the many contributions it makes to our society’s members.