Fourth Physician Completes FIUGA-Supported Urogynecology Fellowship Program in Ghana

Earlier this year, the fourth graduate completed the urogynecology fellowship program supported by FIUGA in Ghana. Congratulations to Samuel Adu! Read on to learn more about Samuel, his fellowship journey, and future plans.

Samuel Adu
Samuel Adu

What made you want to specialize in urogynecology?

Adu: I developed an interest in urogynecology when I started practicing as a specialist obstetrician gynecologist. We had few urogynecologists available then to refer patients with pelvic floor disorders to for management. So, I decided to go into that subspecialty.

When did you begin your fellowship?

Adu: January 2016

How did you benefit from FIUGA’s involvement in your fellowship program?

Adu: I benefited immensely from FIUGA’S involvement in various ways:

  • On-site training by IUGA faculty: I was privileged to be taught by experienced faculty members from different parts of the world. The training involved both theory and practical surgical skills. The on-site training was a very good addition to the training received from local faculty members. The faculty members were Prof. Soo Kwon from USA, Prof. Ralph Chesson from USA, Prof. Chris Benness from Australia, Dr. Dorothy Kammerer-Doak from USA, and Dr. Tony Bazi from Lebanon.
  • Online lectures: There were also online lectures that were organized by FIUGA for fellows in Ghana initially and later, for fellows in Ghana and Nepal. I took part in most of these lectures, and they were really helpful.
  • Donation of equipment: FIUGA donated cystoscopes and a urodynamic machine which helped in my training. In fact, I was one of those first trained on the urodynamic machine.
  • International conferences: I was one of the members who were sponsored by FIUGA to participate in the IUGA Annual Meeting in Cape Town, South Africa in 2016 and in Vancouver, Canada in 2017. These conferences gave me the opportunity to take part in some of the workshops and scientific sessions.
  • Attachment in Cape Town, South Africa: Through the arrangement of FIUGA, I had a six-month attachment program in Cape Town, South Africa, under the tutorship of Prof. Stephen Jeffery without paying any tuition fee. FIUGA also helped me pay for my accommodation while in Cape Town.

Share one highlight experience from your fellowship.

Adu: I had the opportunity to assist my trainer, Prof. H. S. Opare-Addo, in performing colon vaginoplasty for three young ladies with haematometria secondary to vaginal agenesis. All three surgeries were successful, and the clients are doing very well and having normal menstrual flow.

What was the focus of your research project?

Adu: My research project was: Functional outcome after repair of pelvic organ prolapse. 

What is your current position?

Adu: I am still a specialist since graduation has not been held yet. Graduation will be in December 2021.

What are your goals for your future in urogynecology?

Adu: I want to join the local faculty in training more fellows to become urogynecologists in Ghana to provide services to women in Ghana and Africa as a whole. I also want to help create awareness about the availability of urogynecologic services in Ghana so that women with such problems can seek help.

FIUGA Walk/Run for Pelvic Floor Disorders

During World Continence Week (June 21-27), the Foundation held its second virtual FIUGA Walk/Run for Pelvic Floor Disorders to raise awareness and funds to support our fellowship programs in Nepal and Ghana. With 46 participants walking, running, and fundraising, over $3,000 was raised to support our fellowship programs.

IUGA Vice President Fred Milani & friends on their Walk for PFD in France

IUGA Vice President Fred Milani & friends on their Walk for PFD in France

FIUGA Chair, Lynsey Hayward, and family on their Walk for PFD in New Zealand

FIUGA Chair, Lynsey Hayward, and family on their Walk for PFD in New Zealand

Kalaivani Ramalingam on her Walk for PFD in the Channel Islands, UK

Kalaivani Ramalingam on her Walk for PFD in the Channel Islands, UK