Saturday, March 13
17:10 – 17:55

Industry Sponsored Session by VioMed GmbH

Peripartum prevention of pelvic floor muscle injuries and connective tissue/fascial structure failure

During this symposium we will discuss Restifem. This is a vaginal support pessary that can be used therapeutically and preventively, especially after pregnancy. It relieves the pelvic floor connective tissue and pelvic floor muscles and thus supports optimal involution.

The Interprofessional Direction of Pelvic Floor Protection: Where do we want to go?
Prof. Dr. med. Markus Hübner
Assistant Medical Director Women’s Center Bern, Switzerland
Associate Professor University of Tübingen, Germany

The responsibility and the opportunities of midwives in the preservation of the perineal health
Prof. Claudia Plappert
Head of B.Sc. Midwifery Science at the Institute of Health Sciences of the University Hospital Tübingen, Germany

Pelvic floor rehabilitation immediately after childbirth
Hedwig Neels
Physiotherapist at the University Hospital Antwerp, Belgium

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