UROGYNCON-19 - International Urodynamics Workshop & Live Operative Urogynaecology Conference

  • June 21 - 23, 2019
  • ISO & KGH, Triplicane, Chennai, India
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The scientific session and operative workshop was for a total of three days, attended by 340 members and was held at the Institute of Social Obstetrics and Govt. Kasturbha Gandhi Hospital, Triolicane, Chennai, India. The Program was well received by both consultants and residents of Urology and Gynaecology alike. Participants were from various parts of India and so were the Faculties. Prof.Dr.Ajay Rane participated as the International faculty and made an impact on young minds by his surgical skills, teaching techniques and value for the patient.

Overall we feel energized and hope to conduct many more learning activities under the IUGA banner.

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