7th International Conference of the Society of Obstetric Fistula Surgeons (ISOFS)

  • Application by Dr. Ganesh Dangal
  • December 5 - 9, 2018
  • Kathmandu, Nepal


7th International Conference of ISOFS
5-8 December 2018
Hotel Radisson, Kathmandu, Nepal

The International Society of Obstetric Fistula Surgeons (ISOFS) is the leading international professional body for those engaged at the forefront of the treatment and rehabilitation of women with the obstetric fistula. ISOFS is an organization built on excellent service and professional integrity. It was formed in 2007 because of the recognition among prominent fistula surgeons working in Africa and Asia that there are more than two million obstetric fistula survivors in the world.

Theme of the conference

The theme topic was selected by the executive and the organizing committee members as “Hope, Healing & Dignity for all” The Theme of the conference was chosen in consideration of its appropriateness and applicability in the present context of Nepal .Throughout the years, NESOG has emerged as a strong professional organization supporting the government through technical assistance from policy making to providing trainings for health workforce and from advocating to implementing and monitoring activities for the delivery of best standard of health care.

In this conference, the focus was made on exploring and learning about innovative ideas on the theme, to share experiences in fistula surgery and update scientific knowledge on best evidence based practices in the field of obstetrics/gynecology and allied health fields.

ISOFS Mission

The ISOFS mission is to promote the highest standards for obstetric fistula care for women in a safe, effective and ethical manner. To realize this mission ISOFS works in cooperation with national and international health care providers, academic centers, and educators with expertise and interest in the obstetric fistula and has as its principles:

  • To promote the acquisition of knowledge and the improvement of skills in obstetric fistula surgery and management.
  • To enhance the understanding of obstetric fistula surgery through basic and clinical research.
  • To be a source of public and professional information.

ISOFS Specific Goals

  • Stimulate the professional advancement of Obstetric Fistula (OF) practice by promoting it as a specialized field in its own right.
  • Develop ethical standards and guidelines for OF practice to ensure a high standard of services around the world.
  • Educate its members and update them on current advances in OF care through periodical and scientific meetings.
  • Provide a scientific focus for management.
  • Facilitate international contacts between practitioners of management.
  • Promote development and evaluation of safe, effective, preventive and curative interventions.
  • Work in partnership with communities, health systems, government and nongovernment agencies, academic institutions and international organizations to ensure good evidence supports delivery of effective services.
  • Foster research in management including the promotion of international collaborative studies.

ISOFS Members

To date over 300 members and 100 associate members (doctors, nurses, midwives and intergovernmental organizations) provide a unique network serving the interests of women with childbirth injuries worldwide. Dr. Oladosu Ojengbede is the President of ISOFS. Dr Shershah Syed is president-elect.

ISOFSCON- 2018 Activities

  • Three Workshops:
  1. Live Surgical Workshop at Kathmnadu Model Hospital on 4,5 Dec By Dr Kees Waaldijk
  2. Urodynamics Workshop at Paropakar Maternity and Women’s Hospital on 6 Dec 2018 By Dr Steven Arrowsmith
  3. Research and Publication Workshop on 8 Dec 2018 By Nepalese Association of Medical Editors (NAME).
  • Inaugural Ceremony: Chief Guest Dr Surendra Kumar Yadav, State Minister for Health, Nepal
  • Scientific presentations on various topics related to fistula
  • ISOFS general body meeting on 6th Dec 2018 and elected new
  • Closing ceremony and cultural show

Highlights of the conference

  1. Inauguration of the Conference

The scientific session was inaugurated on 5th December 2018 at 6pm with lighting of ‘Panas’ by. Hon’ble State Minister, Ministry of Health and Population Dr Surendra Yadav which was attended by distinguished guests of Government and non-government organizations, Special Secretary MoHP, General Secretary of South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC), Ms Traci Baird CEO of EngenderHealth, Ms Erin Anastasia of UNFPA HQ, Ms Lindsey Pollaczek of Fistula Foundation, President of ISOFS: Dr Ojengbede; President-elect ISOFS: Dr Shershah Syed Organizing Chairperson: Dr Ganesh Dangal, media and participants of the conference.

Master of Ceremony, Dr. Smrity Maskey, welcomed all the participants with a beautiful speech. She then invited the chief guest, guests of honor, Secretary MoHP, G S of SAARC, Ms Traci Baird, Ms Erin Anastasia, Ms Lindsey Pollaczek President-elect ISOFS: Dr Shershah Sayed Organizing Chairperson: Dr Ganesh Dangal to the Dias. Release of souvenir and NJOG Special Issue on Fistula Release was gracefully done by the Chief Guest. The organizing chairperson, Dr. Ganesh Dangal welcomed the chief guest, other dignitaries and participants of the conference. President ISOFS: Dr Ojengbede delivered presidential speech highlighting the theme of the conference and its relevance in the present context along with the latest remarkable achievements of ISOFS. The closing ceremony was concluded with vote of thanks by Organizing Chairperson Dr. Ganesh Dangal.

Closing ceremony

The formal closing ceremony of the conference started at 5.00 pm on 6 December 2018. Certificate of appreciation were handed over to sponsors, donors and other contributors of the conference. Vote of thanks was given by Organizing Secretary Dr. Gehanath Baral

Scientific Session on 5-6 Dec

Scientific session was started at 9.00 am sharp all the sessions were concluded with remarks from the chairpersons.

Outcome of the conference

ISOFS International Conference was well appreciated and was marked as successful event by participants. Outcome of the conference can be summarized as below:

  • Like in previous conferences, this conference also provided a forum where ISOFS members to become aware of ongoing activities of the organization and share experiences, constraints, and challenges in achieving the mission and goals of the organization and discussed strategies to be brought in the future.
  • Participants were sensitized about the public private partnership in addressing health equity.
  • Scientific session presentations made by the experts representing the Government and non government sectors explored, shared and enlightened the participants about new, innovative and cost effective ideas to curb and address challenges to reduce obstetric fistula.
  • A New Executive Committee has been formed under the leadership of president Dr Shershah Syed, President-elect Dr Sayeba Akhter and representatives from all regions.

Executive Committee of ISOFS 2016-2018

Prof. Oladosu Ojengbede President
Dr. Syed Shershah Vice President
Prof I. Sunday-Adeoye Executive Secretary
Dr. Justus K. Baragaine Treasurer
Dr. Sayeba Akther South Asia Rep.
Dr. Igor Vas Southern Africa Rep.
Dr. Farzana W. Jebran Middle East Rep.
Prof. Oumarou Sanda West Africa Rep.
Dr. Steven Arrowsmith Western/European Rep.
Dr. Leon Mubikaye Central Africa Rep.
Dr. Iladin North Africa Rep.
Dr. Fred Kirya East Africa Rep.
Dr. Marie Tebeu Auditor

Organizing Committee Member NESOG

Dr. Kusum Thapa Local Advisory Member
Dr.Sanu Maiya Dali Local Advisory Member
Dr. Kundu Yangzom Local Advisory Member
Dr. Ganesh Dangal Organizing Chairperson
Dr. Aruna Karki Organizing Co-chairperson
Dr. Gahanath Baral Organizing Secretary
Dr. Madhu Tumbahangphe Registration Committee Chairperson
Dr. Archana Amatya Registration Committee Chairperson
Dr. Neer Shova Chitrakar Registration Committee Co-Chairperson
Dr. Meena Jha Finance Committee Chairperson
Dr. Chanda Shrivastava Finance Committee Chairperson
Dr. Neera Singh Shrestha Finance Committee Co-chairperson
Dr. Bandana Sharma Gurung Scientific Committee Chairperson
Dr. Mohan Regmi Scientific Committee chairperson
Dr. Sapana Amatya Scientific Committee Co-chairperson
Dr. Shakya Souvenir Committee Chairperson
Dr. Kirtipal Subedi Souvenir Committee Chairperson
Dr. Snigdha Rai Souvenir Committee Co-Chairperson
Dr. Shanti Joshi Hospitality and Culture Committee Chairperson
Dr. Bimala Malla Hospitality and Culture Committee Chairperson
Dr. Dhan B Rana Magar Hospitality and Culture Committee Co-chairperson
Dr. Abha Shrestha Reception Committee Chairperson
Dr. Kabin Bhattachan Reception Committee Chairperson
Dr. Nafisha Malla Reception Committee
Dr. Basanta Maharjan Publicity Committee Chairperson
Dr. Tara M Shakya Publicity Committee Chairperson
Dr. Manor Din Shaiyed Publicity Committee Co-Chairperson

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