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The Public Relations Committee actively promotes a positive image of IUGA’s mission, projects, and activities, and works to enhance relations with the lay public via international and education efforts. The committee is responsible for media and public communications on behalf of IUGA.

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for the following programs/products and initiatives:

  • IUGA Store and development of products available in the Online Store
  • Development of patient information available online
    • Patient Information leaflets and coordinating translations of leaflets
    • Resource Sheets
    • Patient Videos
  • IUGA Public Forum
  • IUGA Press Kit
  • Social media activities of the association


Ramalingam Head Shot

Kalaivani Ramalingam (India)


  • Pooja Balchandra (UK)
  • Zhuoran Chen (Australia)
  • Janelle Evans (USA)
  • Omar Duenas Garcia (United States)
  • Rujin Ju (USA)
  • Alpa Khakhar (India)
  • Aethele Khunda (United Kingdom)
  • Chendrimada Madhu (United Kingdom)
  • Sarita Narang (India)
  • Oseka Onuma (Australia)
  • Dimos Sioutis (Greece)
  • Duncan Shannon (New Zealand)
  • Ambereen Sleemi (USA)
  • Hikaru Tomoe (Japan)
  • Nicole Weber (USA)