Minimally Invasive Treatment of SUI - MMISU 2019

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The First Annual Conference of Mediterranean Minimally Invasive Surgery in Urology was held in the historical Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt during the period of April 18-20, 2019 (MMISU2019). The meeting was done with active collaboration of ESUT, EULIS and EAUN. Although it was done for the first time, there were 806 attendees from all over Egypt and many other countries from Africa, Asia and Europe. MMISU2019 had 16 distinguished international faculty from all over the world. Also MMISU2019 had a very informative educational program as it included 12 live surgeries of minimally invasive surgery where ESUT Chairman Prof. Evangelos Liatsikos has performed laparoscopic radical prostatectomy and non papillary PCNL, while Prof. Ali Gozen performed retroperitoneal partial nephrectomy, Prof. Andreas Skolarikos performed a case of RIRS and a case of combined RIRS and PCNL, Prof. Bhaskar Somani performed a case of RIRS and Prof. Gunter Janestschek did a case of trasperitoneal partial nephrectomy for an 8-cm renal tumor. During MMISU2019 ESUT has conducted many hands-on training courses for different minimally invasive urologic procedures like E-BLUS (25 trainees), urologic abdominal ultrasound course (21 trainees), ESU/ESUT/EULIS hands on ureterorenoscopy course (20 trainees), PCNL course (22 trainees) as well as laparoscopic nephrectomy instructional course. EAUN has conducted workshop for the first time during MMISU2019, where Mr. Harold Omana from England as a representative of EAUN, in collaboration with Alexandria Faculty of nursing where 45 urology nurses from all over Egypt attended this workshop.

As one of the main goals of ESUT is training of young urologists, Prof. Evangelos Liatsikos, Prof. Ali Gozen and Prof. Andreas Skolarikos as well as Prof. Aly M. Abdel-Karim (General secretary of MMISU2019) had a meeting with about 100 young Egyptian urologists from all over Egypt on Friday April 19, 2019 where they discussed the training opportunities that ESUT can provide for those young urologists and how to be included in different ESUT activities.

Lecture at MMISU 2019