HUGI Annual Meeting 2019

  • Application by Alfa P. Meutia
  • February 24 - 26, 2019
  • Jakarta, Indonesia

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Program Report

Venue: Intercontinental Hotel, Pondok Indah, Jakarta
RSCM Kintani, Jakarta

Time: February 23 - 26, 2019

HUGI 2019 1

Himpunan Uroginekologi Rekonstruksi Indonesia (HUGI) Annual Meeting 2019 is a four days International Conference held in Jakarta, and endorsed by International Urogynecological Association (IUGA). This Annual Meeting was held with theme "Improving Women's Quality of Life Nationwide". Prof. Dr. dr. Budi Iman Santoso, SpOG(K), MPH as The President of HUGI and was Dr. dr. Suskhan Djusad, SpOG(K) as the chairman of this annual meeting.

HUGI Annual Meeting 2019 is a comprehensive program which provide a forum for GP, OBGYN, and Urogynecologists who put interest in urogynecology problems such as urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, sexual dysfunction, etc. This scientific program focuses on the current issues which cover cutting edge topics in daily practice, the most recent development and management of the rapidly evolving health care requirements, as well as the crucial challenges concerning about facilities. And for this year annual meeting, we have International speakers form IUGA members.

HUGI 2019 2

HUGI Annual Meeting 2019 consisted of a 2-day workshop, 2-day symposium and one day of Live Surgery.

We opened our pre-congress with two workshops. The first workshop was "Pelvic Floor Anatomy for Save Pelvic Floor Surgery" with Dr. Jenny King, OAM, FRANZCOG, CU (Chair of UGSA) and Dr. Christopher Barry, MBBS, FRCOG, FRANZCOG, from Australia, as the instructors. The other was "Pelvic Floor Ultrasound Workshop", guided by two instructors, Hans Peter Dietz, MD (Heidelberg), PhD (UNSW), FRANZCOG, GGU, CU from Australia and dr. Fernandi Moegni, SpOG(K), Reconstructive Urogynecologist Consultant from Indonesia.

HUGI 2019 3

The next two days was the main congress. Thirty one lectures were scheduled, with 7 International Speakers as Jimmy Nomura, MD, PhD (Japan), Masami Takeyama, MD, PhD (Japan), Dr. Jenny King, OAM, FRANZCOG (Australia), Prof. Hans Peter Dietz, MBChB, MD, NZREX, FRANZCOG, DDU, CU, PhD (Australia), Professor Dr. Christopher Chong Yew Luen (Singapore), Suvit Bunyavejchevin, MD (Thailand), Dr. N. Rajamaheswari, MD, DGO, MCh (India), Lisa Teresa T. Prodigalidad - Jabson, MD (Philippines), Dr. Aruku Naidu, AMP, PMP (Malaysia), and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sivakumar S. Balakrishnan (Malaysia) sharing their knowledges and experiences based on their subspecialties in Urogynecology. It was two ways communication with the audience during the lecture and discussion session. There were Indonesian consultant from HUGI contributed to being moderator and speaker. There was Free Paper presentation Competition also. All free papers were selected into 5 top best free paper and presented in this congress.

HUGI 2019 4

For the fourth day, the participants were given the opportunity to join live surgery with 4 different cases, as Sacrospinous Hysterectomy, Colporrhaphy, Anterior, Colpoperineorrhaphy; Stress Urinary Incontinence surgery- Transv Vaginal Tape + USG; POP Surgery- Transvaginal Mesh; and LEFORT Colpocleisis. The operator in a row are Dr. Amir Fauzi, SpOG(K) (Indonesia), Jimmy Masayoshi Nomura, MD, PhD (Japan), Masami Takeyama, MD, PhD (Japan), and Tyas Priyatini, Dr., SpOG (Indonesia).

Sincerely, we would like to say thank you to IUGA for endorsing our program. The program went well with total 200-ish participants and received lots of compliments, either from International or National participants. Hope we're not disappointed IUGA as IUGA helped us a lot for contributing in our Annual Meeting.

And we're looking another cooperation for the next HUGI Annual Meeting in 2020.

HUGI 2019 5

Best wishes from Indonesia,
HUGI 2019 Committee