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  • IUGA Webinar May 13, 2020
Wednesday, May 13, 2020 at 9:00pm UTC

Learn how to answer the ‘unknowns’ in Urogynaecology. Join research experts Linda Brubaker and Rufus Cartwright as they discuss their career paths and offer tips on how to initiate and conduct quality research studies. Topics in this webinar will include:

  • How to choose a research question,
  • Quality in research design,
  • Funding resources,
  • Metrics for manuscript acceptance.

Host: Rachel High
Moderator: Gemma Nightingale
Invited speakers: Linda Brubaker (USA) and Rufus Cartwright (UK)

During the webinar, we unfortunately did not have time for the speakers to answer all of the questions. Please find the questions that were not addressed during the webinar by clicking here, along with the answers from speakers, Dr. Linda Brubaker (USA) and Dr. Rufus Cartwright (UK). We thank them both for sharing their knowledge and insight.


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