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IUGA is pleased to be hosting an online course in 4D pelvic floor ultrasound, the first such offering worldwide. It is aimed primarily at users and prospective users of 4D ultrasound systems who intend to learn how to examine the pelvic floor and its structures by translabial/ transperineal scanning. While our course materials are generated using Voluson type systems, users of other 4D systems can be accommodated, with the exception of the final module which requires proprietary software that is limited to volume data generated by Voluson systems. 

This online course with individual mentorship consists of six modules which are meant to be completed in succession. Access to the next module becomes available after the previous one has been passed, that is, after your preceptor has certified you for the previous module. 

Registered users can log in here. If you want to register for this online course please register online using this online registration form.



This course is an initiative of the IUGA Imaging SIG.

The Course Director is Prof. Hans Peter Dietz of Sydney, Australia.

The IUGA Pelvic Floor Imaging Online Course is sponsored by the International Urogynecological Association (IUGA) for educational purposes only. The material presented is not intended to represent the only or the best method appropriate. Participants enrolling in this course do so with full knowledge that they waive any claim they may have against the IUGA for reliance on information presented during these activities. The IUGA does not guarantee, warrant or endorse any commercial products or services.

Completion of the IUGA Pelvic Floor Imaging Online Course in no way implies that IUGA has endorsed, certified, qualified or licensed the individual, or the health care providers they teach or supervise. Whilst a Certificate of Completion for the IUGA Pelvic Floor Imaging Online Course can be provided as proof that the course has been successfully completed, the certificate is not a qualification, as IUGA is not an accrediting body. Furthermore, nothing about the IUGA Pelvic Floor Imaging Online Course is intended to replace, override, or conflict with licensing requirements for healthcare professionals.

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