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2nd Annual Surgical Database Challenge

October 6-13, 2019

IUGA Surgical Database

More than ever, today’s regulatory environment is requiring surgeons to track their outcomes. Not only is this becoming a requirement, but knowing surgical outcomes is critical in planning treatment and forms the cornerstone of surgical practice. IUGA members have the perfect tool for tracking their data with the IUGA Surgical Database, which all IUGA members have free, unlimited access to use.*


2nd Annual Database Challenge
All members who perform surgery are invited to participate in the 2nd Annual Database Challenge, October 6-13, 2019. The Database Challenge will introduce members to the database and demonstrate the power of numbers. The goal is to have all members enter their surgical data during the week of October 6-13, 2019 in order to better understand world-wide pelvic floor surgery outcomes.

The individual who enters the most complete cases will be invited to join the working group which will aim to produce and submit at least one abstract for the next IUGA Annual Meeting as well as pursue full publications. 

2018 Database Challenge in Action
If you are planning to attend the joint 2019 AUGS/IUGA Scientific Meeting in Nashville, be sure to attend the Scientific Salon Session 6 on Wednesday, September 26 at 5:00pm. An abstract based on data from the 2018 Database Challenge will be presented (International Trends in Incontinence Surgery: The Role of Databases and the Effect of the Mesh Pause in the UK).

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