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Watch the video below, where Dr. Paul Moran introduces the IUGA Surgical Database.

The IUGA Surgical Database helps members collect pre, intra-, and post-operative data on their patients and print reports based on that data. IUGA members receive a free account and unlimited usage of the IUGA Surgical Database.

The purposes of the database are:

  • To enable IUGA members to collect their own data, enabling them to review their practice;
  • To review outcomes and complication rates;
  • To provide members with personal data, enabling them to counsel new patients on the likely outcomes of surgery;
  • In the unlikely event of complaints about a member's practice of litigation, provide success and complication rate data which can help in their defense;

Collected data are for members only; they are confidential and cannot be seen by others without permission of the member;

If agreeable, members can put ther (anonymized) data in a proposed international IUGA registry which will help provide "real life" data on surgical outcomes.

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