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  • Professor Momchilo B. Lazarevski: A Past President Remembers a Pioneer in the History of IUGA

Professor Momchilo Blagoja Lazarevski (February 6,1934 - October 21,2020), a Macedonian, was a pioneer urogynecologist, one of the earliest members of IUGA, medical practitioner, educator, innovator, altruist. He devoted his entire life to promoting urogynecology, improving women's health, and educating professionals in his field.

He did additional postgraduate training in Belgrade, Florence, Vienna, and Paris in the areas of urology, vaginal surgery and cancer surgery. He worked his way up academically to become the professor and head of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics (1987-1991), University of Skopje. He was a pivotal power in bringing Eastern European countries and colleagues into the fledgling society in IUGA's early days.

Having been privileged to be his visiting professor in Skopje (1996), I can attest to the kindness and enthusiastic welcome he extended to myself and Professor Stuart Stanton. His supportive wife, Vera, and adoring family were always the backbone of his endless enthusiasm. He was a kind and gentle man.

Momchilo represents a true pioneer, reflective of the early driving forces behind making IUGA into the  world class society it has become today. It was an honour to be able to consider yourself his friend.

Respectfully Submitted,
Professor Harold P. Drutz
President IUGA (1994-1996)

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