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After a thorough analysis of all final proposals submitted and careful deliberation of the IUGA Site Selection Committee, the committee has unanimously decided to choose Singapore as the host city for the 2021 IUGA Annual Meeting.

The IUGA strives to hold its annual meetings in locations of strategic interest to the association and its members, while taking essential criteria into account like attractiveness of the destination, easy access/easy visa, suitability of the venue, stability of the currency, general costs and financial return, and support from its (local) members and stakeholders.This year, the IUGA Site Selection Committee received 4 very well prepared proposals for hosting the 2021 meeting, which were:

  • Chennai/New Delhi, India
  • Osaka, Japan
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Singapore

The committee sincerely thanks all those involved in the proposals for their interest in hosting the annual meeting in their respective city/country/region and for the devotion they have put into their bids and presentations.

Disclaimer: The IUGA Site Selection Committee consisted of the IUGA President Lynsey Hayward, Past-President Bob Freeman, President-Elect Ranee Thakar, Treasurer Sylvia Botros, 2017 Annual Meeting Local Chair Geoff Cundiff, and 2016 Annual Meeting Local Chair Stephen Jeffery. Secretary Roy Ng was not a member of this year's site selection committee due to his involvement in the Singapore bid.

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