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  • IUGA Across the World- First Leg Complete!

We are pleased to announce that our first team has completed Leg 1 of the IUGA Across the World Challenge! The first leg took the teams 1,346 miles from Auckland to Sydney! Congratulations to Team BSUG: Gillian Fowler, Bob Freeman, Timothy Hillard, Swati Jha, Jan Willem de Leeuw, Hayser Medina Lucena, Ifeoma Offiah, Nicola Adanna Okeahialam, Ranee Thakar, Doug Tincello, Abdul Sultan, Kandice Wong!

There are 6 teams 'traveling' from the home of IUGA Immediate Past President, Lynsey Hayward in Auckland, New Zealand, to the home of current IUGA President, Ranee Thakar in London, UK.  Watch their progress here!

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