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  • Call For Experts in Female Lower Urinary Tract, Pelvic Floor Function and Dysfunction

We are seeking 4 volunteers to serve on a Writing Group to help establish standardized terminology related to Female Lower Urinary Tract, Pelvic Floor Function and Dysfunction. This will be a joint publication with ICS, AUGS, IUGA and SUFU. It is anticipated that through this collaborative relationship, high quality, globally accessible and internationally recognized and consistent terminology will be developed.

The existing terminology for LUT/PF dysfunction in women, incl. pelvic organ prolapse, anorectal dysfunction and sexual health, needs regular updates in a female-specific approach and clinically-based consensus reports. The original ICS/IUGA report was already published over 10 years ago. A new core report on female LUT/PF dysfunction is therefore required to; (i) incorporate all changes in LUT/PF knowledge and practice obtained in the last 10-12 years; (ii) achieve and exceed the overall clarity, specificity and coverage of the equivalent reports; (iii) prompt the development of follow-on reports. To find out more about the scope of this report, please click here.

To find out more and to apply to become a member of the Writing Group, click here.

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