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Enrich your IUGA experience by serving on a committee! Share your experience and expertise, gain knowledge, and enlarge your network – all while being part of IUGA’s work to continue moving the field of urogynecology forward.

We are now accepting applications for openings on the following committees:

  • Education Committee
  • Fellows, Trainees & Early Career Professionals Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Public Relations Committee
  • Publications Committee
  • Research & Development Committee
  • Scientific Committee
  • NEW! Ad Hoc Social Media Committee
  • Terminology & Standardization Committee

See below for a description of each committee.


Membership on IUGA's committees is open to all interested individuals who hold current membership in IUGA. We aim for committee membership to mirror the geographic and practice diversity of the IUGA membership.

Members may only serve on one committee at any given time, with the exception of the Fellows, Trainees & Early Career Professionals Committee members who may also be assigned to another committee in order to represent the trainee perspective across the work of the association.


Members added to IUGA committees as a result of this Call for Committee Volunteers will have a term start date of January 1, 2021. The length of the term is specific to each committee and listed below.


Committee members must be prepared to be active participants in committee activities, with membership automatically implying an agreement to:

  • Commit to a full term
  • Attend scheduled committee meetings
  • Respond to all requests in a timely manner, including requests to review project drafts and grant applications
  • Maintain membership in IUGA during the term on the committee
  • Maintain current contact information with the IUGA Office


To apply for a committee position:

Application Deadline

A complete application and the disclosure form must be submitted by Sunday, November 15, 2020, 11:59pm CST, for your application to be considered.

Committee Descriptions

Education Committee
Chairperson: Jenny King
Term Length: 3 years
Description: The Education Committee develops, promotes, and maintains the educational offerings of the association, including the IUGA Academy. It oversees the program content for Regional Symposia and eXchange programs, and reviews applications submitted for Endorsed Programs and observership grants. The Education Committee also conducts the workshop selection process for the Annual Meeting and guides other educational activities of the association. Each member of the Education Committee serves on one of three subcommittees: the E-learning Subcommittee whose primary focus is developing and sourcing content for the IUGA Academy; the Program Subcommittee which is responsible for program endorsement as well as developing/reviewing/approving the programmatic content for Regional Symposia, eXchange meetings, and regional and collaborative webinars; and the Workshop Subcommittee which is responsible for reviewing and recommending workshops for the Annual Meeting as well as reviewing observership grant applications and recommending recipient

 Fellows, Trainees & Early Career Professionals Committee
Chairperson: Rachel High
Term Length: 2 years
Description: The main duty of the IUGA Fellows, Trainees & Early Career Professionals Committee is to contribute to the academic development of fellows, trainees, and those within their first five years of practice out of training in the field of urogynecology/female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery by fostering international scholarship and making recommendations to the Education and Research & Development Committees regarding activities.  

Applicants to this committee should be enrolled in a fellowship or training program, or within the first five years of post-training practice.

 Membership Committee
Chairperson: Abdul Sultan
Term Length: 2 years
Description: The Membership Committee works in partnership with IUGA staff to develop and execute member recruitment and retention strategies and to provide input on membership-related processes.

 Publications Committee
Chairperson: Manjula Annappa
Term Length: 3 years
Description: The Publications Committee publishes the bi-monthly IUGA Spotlight – the official newsletter of IUGA – and determines if submitted content is best suited for inclusion in the newsletter, online news posts, or on social media channels. Committee members are involved in writing and reviewing articles, sourcing authors for articles, and suggesting content.   

Public Relations Committee
Chairperson: Kalaivani Ramalingam
Term Length: 3 years
Description: The Public Relations Committee is responsible for the development and management of (media) communications on behalf of IUGA to the community, patients, physicians and IUGA members. This includes developing content for patient leaflets and other educational materials for the Online Store and patient website and planning the Public Forum. Each member of the Public Relations Committee serves on one of two subcommittees: the Patient Leaflet Subcommittee which is responsible for the development, review and cyclical update of the patient leaflets; or the Patient Website Subcommittee which is responsible for developing, reviewing, and maintaining content on the patient website (www.YourPelvicFloor.org).

 Research & Development Committee
Chairperson: Pallavi Latthe
Term Length: 3 years
Description: The Research & Development Committee is responsible for the IUGA Research Grants (in basic science and clinical research) and reviewing surveys and requests to disseminate surveys to the IUGA membership. The committee also develops and promotes research manuscripts and projects through its members and interested individuals. Specific expertise in urogynecology research (basic sciences and/or clinical) is required.

 Scientific Committee
Chairperson: Jan Deprest (beginning January 1, 2020)
Term Length: 3 years
Description: The Scientific Committee is responsible for the development of the Annual Meeting program content and is responsible for the (blind) judgement of abstract submissions.

NEW! Ad Hoc Social Media Committee
Chairperson: TBD
Term Length: 2-3 years
Description: Social Media has become an increasingly important tool for communicating with members, potential members, and the community at large. As such, an ad hoc committee to focus solely on social media communication channels has been created. Members of this ad hoc committee should be regular social media users who will provide guidance on using social media for society purposes as well as provide urogynecological content for posts and monitor/share IUGA’s posts on their own channels to help increase the visibility of IUGA. Ad hoc committee members will also play a lead role in and posting with IUGA-related hashtags during IUGA events.

 Terminology & Standardization Committee
Chairperson: Renaud de Tayrac
Term Length: 3 years
Description: The Terminology & Standardization Committee is responsible for the development, publication, and subsequent management of IUGA documents related to terminology and standardization. At times, there will be joint projects with one or more other societies. 

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