SIG Leadership

Chair: Debjyoti Karmakar


The Wellness and Mindfulness Special Interest Group (SIG) focuses on actively enabling IUGA members to find ways to preserve and promote their well being despite challenges of busy lives, distractions of electronic media, increased peer pressure, and an overall need for instant gratification.

Inherent to well being is not getting side-tracked from professional targets, hence mindfulness is also a key focus of this SIG. By increasing the efficiency of action and increasing involvement in the moment, this has been shown to improve not just physician satisfaction in their careers, but clinical outcomes and patient-centred approach to medicine. Research in clinical medicine has also now increasingly indicated that multitasking leads to increased clinical errors. This SIG aims to contribute to better patient outcomes by providing toolkits and resources to help members reduce distractions. Please find these resources here.

Follow the Wellness and Mindfulness SIG on the IUGA E- Discussion Forum. Click here or sign up through your IUGA Member Page by clicking the Special Interest Groups box.

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