Endorsement Protocol


  • Any interested person may submit an application for IUGA branding of their educational program through the IUGA website. Click here to download the Application form.
  • There is no application fee for any program submitted by a non-profit organization to be reviewed.
    The application fee for any program submitted by a for-profit entity is $500 USD to be reviewed.
  • Please submit the completed application form (with a copy of your proposed program, complete CV of your program chair, and abbreviated CV of each proposed faculty member) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Review Process

  • The application, along with a scoresheet, will be distributed to all members of the IUGA education program sub-committee within 1 week of date of receipt of completed application and fee.
  • Evaluators will have 2 weeks to review and complete the scoring sheet. The IUGA office will send a reminder to each reviewer after 1 week. 
  • The IUGA office will compile the scores and an average score will be determined. Comments from reviewers will be compiled into one document. If the total score reaches the threshold of 70%, an IUGA endorsement will be awarded to the program and use of the IUGA logo on all program and advertising materials will be permitted. 
  • Applicants will be formally notified of acceptance or rejection of IUGA endorsement application within 4 weeks of receipt of completed application.
  • If an application is rejected, applicants will have the potential to resubmit their application one additional time with any proposed changes based on specific comments that were received. The same cycle of application distribution and scoring as outlined above will be followed. The fee will be waived if reapplying within two weeks of original application. 

IUGA Endorsed programs

  • Applicants will be encouraged to submit their program to the IUGA annual meeting workshop proposal. 
  • All IUGA endorsed educational programs will be highlighted in the education committee report at the annual meeting and an email announcement /advertisement with be sent to the email list serve. 
  • All IUGA endorsed programs will be advertised at no charge on the IUGA website. 
  • If approved, the following phrase may be used in your program: “This program is endorsed by International Urogynecological Association” 

Ready to fill out and submit your endorsement application form?

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