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Algiers exchange 2017
Bahrain exchange 2016

The IUGA eXchange Program is an initiative first conceived by the IUGA Education Committee in 2004 with a view towards inviting more international participation to IUGA, especially in countries with economic, political, cultural, or language barriers. From the outset the program has been designed as a mutual endeavor, giving both the host country and IUGA the possibility to learn from each other - thus the name "IUGA eXchange."

In order for an exchange of skills and knowledge to occur, however, a certain environment must first exist in the host country. In order to develop a subspecialty, the basic specialist disciplines have to be evolved to a sufficient national or regional degree. Second, to communicate at an international level, a common language must be spoken. IUGA eXchange programs are ordinarily conducted in English.

If you and a group of colleagues are interested in serving as local organizers for an IUGA eXchange Program, please first review the IUGA eXchange Program Background and Guidelines in order to gain an understanding of what is expected of the local organizers and how IUGA eXchange Programs are organized and conducted. Then, submit the eXchange Program Proposal Form. 

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If, after reviewing the IUGA eXchange Program Background & Guidelines you have additional questions, please contact the IUGA Executive Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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