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IUGA Forum Guidelines
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2/9/2011 at 11:36:20 PM GMT
Posts: 36
IUGA Forum Guidelines

1. You may only have ONE USER NAME. Using another member's screen name is strictly prohibited; there is no reason for anyone to ever be logged in under anyone else's name. Should you need anything on your account changed that you cannot change, please contact the IUGA office.

2. Registering to sell a commercial product in volume is not permitted without prior approval (This also applies to existing members should they decide to do so after already being a member). You may not advertise freely anywhere without approval, members are not permitted to publish links anywhere on the site without prior approval.

3. Signatures and avatars may be used within the following guidelines. You may only include images that are work-safe, and you must keep it limited to one image sized 500 X 100 (or smaller). We also ask that you limit your avatar size to 100 X 100, failure to do so will result in it being removed. Any signature created with a disrespectful tone will be removed and may result in warnings and or banning.

4. Please use the SEARCH function. It is better to revive an old thread than to create a duplicate thread. Bumping threads to ask for new opinions or to add additional information is perfectly acceptable, but please refrain from bumping a thread just for the sake of bumping it. Please refrain from making a post just to tell another member to use the search function. It is however ok to answer the question and suggest in the future that they use the search feature.

5. Please post in the correct forum. Do not post your tech threads in the lounge; those go in their respective forums. You may not post media depicting cruelty to animals in any area of our forums. We also ask that you refrain from using IUGA Forum as a venue to distribute or exchange anything prohibited by law (this includes illegally obtained software).

11. Should you follow the guidelines posted you should have no problems on the IUGA forum, but we still need to outline our warning/infraction and banning policies. We operate on a warning system; direct individuals warnings or infractions will be sent through the private message feature (and it will also be kept in a log for our records). A warning is generally used to address small violations in site policy, and are not the same as infractions. Infractions are issued when a moderator feels the violation warrants it. Three infractions will result in a temporary ban; the length of this ban will generally be short (but it is important to remember it is at the discretion of IUGA and will vary depending on what prompted the infractions). After that ban you will be given a chance to return to the site. If you continue to violate the guidelines of this site you will be subject to the same policies. Should the need arise to ban any individual a second time, that ban will more than likely be permanent. As threads go off topic a moderator may step in and warn the thread in general, this is not the same as being issued an infraction directly via a private message. If you register with the sole intent to start trouble you will be banned. It is also important to know that you may be banned without any, or minimal warning. This would be unusual but may result from your continuing to agitate a situation after a member of the staff has stepped in to try to resolve it. If you are banned in a situation like this the ban will generally be much shorter and will be used as a "cool off period". Please do not deliver the message of a banned member through public posts, they are banned for a reason, and doing so will result in you being banned as well. Do not make posts arguing or inquiring as to why another member was banned, if they were banned there is a reason (it is likely that in most cases they were banned for violating the rules of the site). A banning without warning may also result in troll situations. In all cases where the rules of the site appear to be abused IUGA will have the final say on the correct course of action.

Last edited Thursday, February 10, 2011

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